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  • Paul O'Flaherty

PowerApps, PDFs and SQL Azure

If you are OK to store your PDF files *inside* your Azure SQL DB (rather than just a link to them) you can check out my tutorial here: https://youtu.be/uDHLzob53oo Storing a PDF in an Image field works well - you can even use the Add Picture control to add a PDF. When you want to *display* the PDF in PowerApps, I recommend using the 'For JSON Auto' command in SQL to convert the (binary) data from the Image field into Base64 string data in a varchar(max) field - PowerApps seems to be able to *render* the PDF 3 times faster (not counting time to download the data) from a Base64 string.

If it all sounds scary - don't worry, just watch my video, you should come away with what you need to know.

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