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  • Paul O'Flaherty

Speaking at the Digital Workplace Conference, New Zealand

On May 2nd 2018 I'll be speaking at the Digital Workplace Conference in Auckland... Hope to see you there!

I'll be delivering the session "PowerApps: Playing to the Gallery"

In this session I'll be demonstrating a few UI tricks such as 'Nested Galleries' which allow you to place one Gallery (list) inside another and also adding the ability to expand/collapse subgalleries when tapping on the parent.

To achieve this effect we need to know about the following:

* Flexible Height Galleries

* Dynamically setting control Heights through formulae

* Using GroupBy to shape data

* Using the OnSelect and IsSelected properties in Galleries

* Creating Collections and adding/removing items

* Testing for the presence of items in Collections

After the conference I'll be uploading a video tutorial covering all the techniques/steps in detail and hosting it on my YouTube channel - check back soon for a link to the tutorial.

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